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Momar Ndiaye is an International performer, choreographer, videographer, and teacher from Senegal. Prior to receiving his MFA in dance at UIUC, Ndiaye worked as performer-collaborator with many well-known choreographers from Africa, Europe, Asia and America and has toured his work internationally since 2004. Momar believes in dance as one of the most efficient tools for community building as seen in African societies. That belief system defines the way in which his classes operate, as he states "we must be able to constitute a support system for each other to dance together." Coming from a former colony of France, Ndiaye is fascinated by cultural interactions and how they affect, and are reflected in everyday life. His research focuses on the hybrid body in a globalized world and intercultural power dynamics. Momar Ndiaye is on faculty at the American Dance Festival, and assistant professor at Ohio State University. 

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2017     University of Illinois Urbana-Champain (UIUC)| MFA in Dance with a focus on African Studies.

2002     International Business School, Dakar, Senegal| Senior Technician in Marketing and Commercial Action  (Market analysis, management tools, International norms, communications). 

1999     Lycée Technique de Commerce Maurice Delafosse, Dakar, Senegal|  Baccalaureate “G” Quantitative Techniques of Management-Economics ( Economics, Accounting, Statistics, Finance, Communications).

Teaching Experience

2018 (Fall)  Visiting Artist| Teaching two levels of African dances course at Denison University, and repertory/performance course. 

Invited Coreographer| invited to create a new choreographic work at Ohio Wesleyan University

2018 (American Dance Festival Summer-intensive |Faculty member| Taught Improvisation (Exploring tight spaces), and Afro-fusion at the American Dance    Festival (summer dance intensive to college level students, and pre-professional for hight school students). 

2018 (Spring) Visiting Artist| Taught African Dance and the Art of Dance at Ohio Wesleyan University.

2017 (Fall semester) Visiting Artist| Taught  African dance, Contemporary dance, and Dance studies at the University of North Carolina-Asheville.   

2014 (fall)-2017(spring)

Graduate Media coordinator at the University of Illinois Urbana Champain UIUC| Taught camera operation, video editing with Final Cut Pro and Adobe CS6, composition with a camera, and coordinated the video documentation and archiving for the dance department.

2016 (Fall semester) Graduate Teaching Associate World Dance 310-110 fall semester at UIUC| Taught Afro-Fusion course as an elective course to dance majors and non-majors.

2015 (Fall semester) Graduate Teaching Associate World Dance 310-110 fall semester at UIUC| Taught African dance forms to dance majors and non-majors. Graduate Teaching Associate Dance100/Afro199 at UIUC| Assisted Kemal Nance teach an introductory class in contemporary dance with an Africanist perspective to dance non-major.

2013 Certified French Teacher  | Language Stars, Chicago, IL, Teaching French to children betwen one to ten years old. French Tutor  | Chicago, IL, Provide one-on-one tutoring for adults.

2012 Substitute Dance Teacher  | Polaris Charter Academy, Chicago, IL, November – December, Taught West African Dance and Creative Movement for students ages five to fourteen.

2010 Dance Teacher  | Un Temps d’Échange Festival, Morocco, Taught afro and contemporary dance to students and professionals at the national Conservatory of Casablanca, and Meknes.

2008  Dance Teacher  | Student International Training (SIT) Program, Dakar, Senegal, Taught African Dance and mentored choreographic projects with American students.

Personal Choreographic Work

2019 "Ubuntu" and "No mano Cry". Work set on students for the fall faculty concert at Ohio State University. 

2018 "Sous la peau d'un autre" Work commissioned by UIUC dance department and KCPA for their 50th anniversary. 

2018 "No w'man is an island" set on students at Oho Wesleyan University.

2018 4=1Ω work set on students at Denison University for the faculty fall concert.

2017    “Frenetic[N]”| Set work on BFA Senior student for Senior Thesis Concert| Krannert Center for the Performing Arts| April,

“Point 0”| As partial fulfillment of the requirement of the degree of Master in Fine art. Premiered in Studio Dance 1, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts| March.

2017 “Ambiguous Constellation”| In collaboration with Felicite Manga (Cameroun), Felix Bunkle (Germany), Reut Smesh (Israel), and Sonia Radebe (South Africa) | Funded by the project Shifting Realities (Tanz Haus and Hellerau in Germany, Ecole des Sables in Senegal). Performed at

  • French Institute in Dakar Senegal| January

  • Tanz Haus in Dusseldorf, Germany| February.

  • Hellerau in Dresden Germany| February

  • Festival “On Marche” Marakech, Morroco| March 

2015     “Toxu”(trio) |  Coproduced by the Pamoja network implemented in Dakar by the Association 1er Temp, company CADANSES, Belluart festival in Switzerland and the French Institute in Paris through the platform Africa and Caribbean in creation 2015. Performed at: 

  • Studio Kabako Democratic Republic of Congo| May.

  • Festival Duo Solo Dance St Louis-Senegal| June.

  • Festival Belluart Bulwerk Fribourg-Switzerland| June. 

            “Suburban Treatise Red Night or Luck”| in collaboration with Shannon Stewart, Brendan Behan. Studio Dance 2, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts| April.

2012  “Me and My Space” (trio)| coproduced by AEx-Corps Creative Residency, Centre Culturel Douta Seck, Dakar, Senegal|April. 

     “Me and My Space” (Duet)|  Inspired from the original version of the trio. A recoreographed version of this piece was made in Chicago and performed:

  • Links Hall, Chicago| November 2012

  • Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble, Chicago| March 2013

  • “In Bodies We Trust” Conference, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ilinois| October 2013.

2010     Affranchi | Produced by the company CADANSES and premiered at the festival “Un Temps d’Échange” Casablance Marroco.| November.

2005     Pollution |  Dakar, Senegal, Compagnie CADANSES coproduced with institute of research and development (IRD) in the program “ Scientific Culture” |nationally toured in Senegal. 

2004 Nitrogen Fixation | Dakar, Senegal, Compagnie CADANSES coproduced with institute of research and development (IRD) in the program “ Scientific Culture”| nationally toured in Senegal.

Biodiversity | Dakar, Senegal, Compagnie CADANSES coproduced with institute of research and development (IRD) in the program “ Scientific Culture” nationally toured in Senegal. 

Performances and Experiences with other choreographers

2015    “Folk Dance for an Untidy Cardinal”| by Jennifer Monson, performed at Bridge Theater, Chicago 


2014   “Shade”| Choreographed by Kemal Nance, November Dance, Kranner Center for the Performing Art|


2013    Corporeal  | Choreography by Laura Chiaramonte in collaboration with the dancers, performed at:

  • Pilsen Antique Galerie Chicago| April.

  • Champaign, Illinois| September

2011     “Sueur des Ombres”  | Choreography by Andréya Ouamba, Cie 1ere Temps, performed in:

  • Festival Dialogue de Corps, Centre Culturel Français, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso| January 2011.

  • Centre Culturel Français, Cotonou, Benin| February 2011.

  • European tour (Berlin, Zurich)| August – September 2011.

  • Danse l’Afrique Danse, Johannesburg, South Africa| September 2012.

  • Theatre de la Ville in Paris| November-December 2013.

  • Festival Arcadi Ile de France Feb. 2014.

  • Marché des Arts de la Scéne Africaine Festival Ivory Coast| March, 2014.

             Negotiate  | Choreography by Keith Hennessy in collaboration with dancers. In addition, I composed the    music for the piece. Premiered in the French institute in Dakar, Senegal| December

2008-12   Culminating Performances with various dates and choreographers in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Morroco and Europe. ( see workshops below)

Dance Training and Workshops

2012  ImpulseTanz  | July – August, Vienna, Austria; trained with Benoit Lachambre, Robin Poitrat, Damien Jallet, David Zambrano, Keith Hennessy, Faustin Linyekula, Salim Gauwloos, Jermam Jauregi, Francesca Pagliassotto, Maldonado & Ghella, and Susan Bentley.

            Residence Ateliers Experience et Corps (AEx-Corps) | March – April, Dakar, Senegal; mentored by Olivier Dubois (France) and Seydou Boro (Burkina Faso/France).

2011  AEx-Corps  |  December, Dakar, Senegal; with Andréya Ouamba (Congo), Keith Hennessy (USA-Canada), Fatou Cissé (SN), and Company Mar Gomez (Spain). Performance in Centre culturel Blaise Senghore-Dakar. 

2010     Interactive Dance and Technology  | October, Dakar, Senegal; with Yann Leguay (Beligium), Esther Baker-Tarpaga (USA), and Andréya Ouamba (Congo). Spontaneous sound and dance composition with “Pure Data”. Performed in the French institute of Dakar.

2010  AEx-Corps  | September – October, Dakar, Senegal; with Esther Baker-Tarpaga (USA, Oliver Tarpaga (USA), and Roberto Torres (Spain). Performance in the Foyer Des Jeunes de Ouakam-Dakar.

            AEx-Corps  | June, Dakar, Senegal; with Erik Kaiel (Netherland), Lassina Coulibaly(Burkina    Faso), Opiyo Okach (Kenya).

Performance at Festival Duo-Solo, St. Louis, Senegal.

            Modern and Contemporary Dance Workshop  | January, Dakar, Senegal; with Ousmane Noel Cissé (SN), Bertrand Saky (CI), and Fatou Cissé (SN).

2009     AEx-Corps  | August, Dakar, Senegal; with Andréya Ouamba (Congo), Dan Tchékpo (Germany-Benin), Kyung Eun Lee (South Corea), Matthias Sperling (London), and Reggie Wilson (USA).

2008     Festival Dialogue de Corps  | December, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; with Vincent Mantzoé  (South Africa), Mark Thomkins (USA-France).

             Un Temps d’Échange  | October, Morocco; with Martin Kravitz (USA-France), Sidi Graoui (Morroco-France), and Salia Sanou (Burkina Faso).

             AEx-Corps  | March, July, and August, Dakar, Senegal; with Andréya Ouamba (Congo).

2000-05 Course in Afro-Jazz  | with Honoré Bakana (Cameroon). 

1998       Course in Jazz and Modern  |  with Marianne Niox (France).


  • Wanda M. Nettle Prize for best Student Choreographer 2017. 

  • One Space Project with KVS-Brussel, Alkantara-Portugal, Exodos-Slovenia for multidisciplinary creation 2015-2017

  • Shifting Realities with Tanzhaus-Germany, Ecole des Sables-Senegal 2015-2017

  • Dance l’Afrique dance laureate summer 2015

  • Belluard Festival Grant for new creative project in Fribourg summer 2015

  • PAMOJA grant for new creative project, July 2014

  • DanceWEB Scholarship Recipient, ImpulseTanz, Vienna, Austria, 2012

  • AEx-Corps Creative Residency invited choreographer, March 2012

Other Relevant Skills

  • Videography 

  • Professional DJ-ing

  • Sound mixing and live sound mamagement.

  • Proficient in Cubase, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition. 

  • Fluent in: 

    • French 

    • Wolof

    • English

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